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Monday, October 15, 2012


We are all a part of a life, where joy and happiness is a part of reality, where we can all become one. The best part of life is knowing what not to expect. The joy of that first felling, its like a baby born to a new family, were his first joy is every moments he will spend coming to this world, a world were hearts can either be amazed or broken beneath the shadow doors, were every pain can be felt, and every story can be told. When you have a heart to feel, its like having a dream to see, and a hand to feel in a moment of sorrow and darkness. Love is like words, some can build you, and others can hurt, but when you have a friend who cares, its just amazing as having your favorite song to listen to in those hard times,

" You can build moments with loved ones, but you make memories with your best friends.You forget the past, and make peace with what you have, that makes your moments more valuable than ever,"FRIENDS."

Sunday, October 14, 2012


When life gives you a chance, you take it, you make it yours, we all have to see the world in our own little box, the world is bigger than " hi my name is Sam" it's a open mined were we all are an open book, you can read it, but has I quote don't speed read, enjoy every moment, cherish what you have, before it's gone, and your alone, make your dreams come true, like a flower about to grow, your a heart is about to touch a magic of life.You can make one difference, but can you make the next.

" never stop growing, as life grows on you."

Life,In a new way

We are all amazed by nature, by humanity, by inspiration, but through all those inseparable moments, we never take time to inspire our selves, we never take our dreams to a level of life, a level of wonders, we always challenge others to do whats right, but never our selves. We our the painting that has never been drawn, the song that has never been written, when you inspire this generation, you inspire others trough the next generation. The truth lies inside of us, deep beneath all those wonders, beneath the path we never took, the challenges we never faced. We all can do good things, help others, make a change, do the right thing, the question is,

 " we spend all this time inspiring others, but can you inspire your selves."     

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The ipod and iphone touch apps

Most iphone and ipod touch apps are free and some are payed for. The beast apps are some free apps like STAR WARS, NFS, FIFA11, STREET FIGHTER,.....and even more. i will be posting new videos on youtube on the 30th of this month.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

life in college

the life that yoy enjoy now in high school is the life that you will face when you start going to college. basicly that means high grades, positive attitude, and positive to what you want in life.giting a scholership is the first step to college and the first step to a new life. Days and days pass in high school what you need is not the answer, what you eant is the answer. graduation is the step to the fuiture so take it as a oppertunity.


people who love music  must enjoy the sound of the guitar. it is easy to be miss ledded in buying a guitar.
the beast guitar is still strings

strings on a guitar is like food in your body. with out the right strings thier will be no pefict sound

the other problem is the picks. pickes have to be thin. not to sharp that it damages the strings and not to soft that it has no sound

Friday, October 15, 2010

flash drives

In the Flash Drive bussiness thier is a slite of problem low space high pricing. If you are using flash drives for school( power poiont, word) 2g would help but, if you are a technical person like programing 32g would help,but not lower than that.  The beast flash drive and high speed is SAND DISK
If you are a gamer flash drives woun't work. You would probely have to buy a portable  drive,more power,     

The beast portable  drive, is SEAGATE.  
Seagate GoFlex Pro ultra portable drive